Professional streaming and web experiences

Professional streaming and and web experience specialists, focused on scalable solutions for live productions and on demand services. Together we can make a difference - not just TV on the web.

We care about the details, and promise we can add that little extra which will make you smile and feel good.

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Our vision

Yes, we deliver streaming services and want you to feel confident that you get what you are looking for. The whole idea is to combine professional knowledge from the broadcast and web industries in order to deliver the best experience in every case and project. We work with the best technologies and partners to ensure highest quality every time, everywhere. 

Live or on-demand, with standard or custom web interfaces and functions - we do this and we help you all the way from production to delivery.

Our services


Professional video platform and play service

For companies and organizations publishing video material online, and are looking for a solution where they want to keep control and ownership of the material, and have high demands regarding functionality, security and quality. JAWS Play is fully configurable and contains many functions, for example custom players, playlists, graphic overlays, multi language captions and more.


Secure and flexible live streaming

JAWS Live is about high quality streaming and includes features for dynamic web updates, live recording, payment solutions, overlay graphics, viewer interaction, statistics and more. Regardless of a projects size or complexity, JAWS Live is a key service for streaming any kind of event.

JAWS Production

Secure solutions for conferences, sport events, concerts and more

For companies and organizations looking for a secure production partner, we offer production management, from planning to implementation. Our service is scalable, and is perfect in any kind of production regardless of size. We offer advanced graphic solutions, IT systems integration, dynamic web production, editing, DVD production and more.

JAWS Consulting

Custom solutions and specialists

Based on our deep knowledge and experience from TV production, network technologies, streaming media, web development and digital communication, we offer consultation and support across all of these fields. This includes consultation and solutions in regards to technical and infrastructural issues, and business development.

We are proud to have worked with, among others, AkzoNobel, P3 Guld, SVT, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Group and Way Out West.